My Dear Sister (ft. Meera Al Midfa)


Under the trees
I've found dried leaves
Is it that time of year?
Do I have to go?

At the river
Water's freezing
Is it that time of year?
Do I need to go?

Colors have washed out
My eyes feel burning
Is it that I'm ill?
Do I need to rest?

Maybe it's the cold
Maybe it's just me
Is it that I'm scared?
Am I really scared?

It's been so long
Since I last saw you
Are you still around?
When can I see you?

I know you're gone
But not sure where to
Are you still alive?
Or another life?

I need you here now
Can't go on without you
Oh, my dear sister
Where are you, sister?

Come back, please come back
Come back, please come back
My dear sister
My dearest sister


from Mother (Original Soundtrack), releases December 16, 2018
Meera Al Midfa / Mohammad Ahmed Fikree



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mohdfikree Dubai, UAE

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